Updated 29th May – Monday evening @ 6:30pm. FAIRLY SETTLED WEEK OF WEATHER LINED UP

Issued @ 18:40 on 28/05/2017

The past week has been largely settled over the Canterbury thanks to high pressure dominated the past week or so. The result of this was decent sunshine hours with mostly light winds for inland areas and northeast winds about the coast prevailing. We did have a brief southerly front move through yesterday bringing some occasional rain to the region, but measurements were fairly minimal. Frost activity was about at times, especially for inland areas and about the Mackenzie Basin.


We start the new week off in bright fashion with a high pressure system controlling our Monday. Expect sunny skies inland, with low cloud about coastal areas. Come Tuesday however, a low pressure system in the Tasman directs a northerly airflow over the region and brings in extensive high cloud, potential some scattered rain from later in the afternoon, before a flick to the southwest in the evening with some brief showers. Conditions will be on the improve on Wednesday, the chance of some brief showers in central and northern parts of the region at first, but sunny for all by afternoon with a dying southwest airflow. On Sunday we have a colder SW airflow, but we don’t expect much rain, with just coastal showers.

MONDAY 29th MAY: Max: 12-14  Low: 4 – 6

A mainly fine start to the day with light frosts about many areas first up, especially inland and about the Mackenzie Country. Winds will be mostly light during the morning, but northerly quarter breezes developing inland from afternoon and northeasterlies freshening about the coast, especially about and north of Banks Peninsula. Modest daytime maximums.

TUESDAY 30th MAY: Max: 13-15 Low: 5-7

Mainly fine at first but high cloud increasing through the day and becoming extensive in the afternoon, some scattered rain spreading east of the divide at times from afternoon and evening. Come evening, cooler southwesterlies freshen with some isolated shower activity, clearing from the south overnight.

WEDNESDAY 31st MAY: Max: 11-13 Low: 3-5

Mainly fine in the south of the region, with cloudy periods for central and northern areas breaking away during the morning, chance of an early morning shower which will soon clear to mostly sunny weather during the afternoon. Southwest winds dying out during the day and some light frost activity about sheltered inland areas at night.

THURSDAY 1st JUNE: Max: 11-13 Low: 4-6

Mainly fine, a few cloudy periods floating by during the day, mainly morning and night. Settled under a ridge of high pressure however with light winds inland and gentle afternoon sea breezes about the coast.

FRIDAY 2ND JUNE: Max: 11-13 Low: 2-4

Morning and evening low cloud, mostly fine by day with light winds tending to gentle sea breezes about the coast during the afternoon. High pressure prevails over the region.

SATURDAY 3RD JUNE: Max: 13-15 Low: 2-4

High pressure holds true and strengthens allowing for a mostly fine and sunny start to the weekend. Light winds through the day for most of the region, gentle sea breezes about Banks Peninsula during the afternoon.

SUNDAY 4th JUNE: Max: 10-12 Low: 1-3

A cool SW airflow over the region.  Coastal showers, but remaining mostly fine inland. Cool day time ‘highs’

WARMEST WEATHER:  Tuesday about Inland Canterbury

WINDIEST WEATHER: Tuesday about Inland Canterbury


WETTEST WEATHER: Sunday – mostly coastal, with our SW airflow.


Looking further afield, we expect the high pressure to hold on for the first part of the following working week. However, a low pressure system in the Tasman will move in mid week bringing milder north to northwesterlies over the region and some rain to the High Country. The outlook for the next 10-14 days is largely dry with no snow expected below 1000m during this time. Ski fields will be waiting to perhaps mid June to get some decent white stuff falling!

** Our next release of the ‘Round Up’ will be available next Sunday 28th May at  8pm.

Weather Analyst: Leighton Thomas