Canterbury Weather Updates started as a Facebook page in May 2013 and is now the second most sourced weather provider in New Zealand, with over 128 000 followers on Facebook. We have a captivated audience that largely resides in Canterbury with over 110 000 followers living in Canterbury alone. After a humble beginning, we’ve now grown from an amateur social media page to a fully operating business, providing a full professional weather service for the Canterbury region. Our weather service is the first of its kind in New Zealand, with a sole focus on one region – Canterbury.


Since the beginning we have enjoyed success with media, including national radio and television. We have appeared in local papers and national farming magazines. In addition to this, we have successfully published books and calendars & now sell merchandise online. We supply businesses throughout the region with personalised forecasts, competitive advertising; additionally our CWU membership is now utilised by thousands of  people across Canterbury, from professional sports teams, construction, tourism operators, farmers, growers, media, to just your passionate weather fan. Canterbury Weather Updates is now firmly Canterbury’s most popular and sourced weather provider.

We provide a unique perspective to weather forecasting, with the first of its kind, detailed regional forecasting. We’re the go to weather providers for all the latest weather in the Canterbury region. 

Weather Analyst & Director

Russell Voice

CWU Weather Analyst and Director

Being born and raised in Canterbury, helped me to develop a passion for weather at a very early age. As a youngster living in Kaikoura, I enjoyed watching the weather develop and unfold over the mountains and the sea. This has to be one of the most spectacular places in the world to do this.

Over the years I have honed my forecasting skills and knowledge through reading and interpreting maps, from what was initially just a hobby and an interest. I’m consistently up skilling and growing my knowledge in media, marketing, sales & have been forecasting professionally for almost 10 years.

Canterbury Weather Updates is something that I’m very passionate about. I believe there is a real need for forecasts that have been moderated by people who understand and follow the weather dynamics in their region. I believe one of the key reasons for our success, is we don’t provide any computer generated content, all our forecasts have been moderated by hand. 

Outside of weather I have growing passion for helping local businesses grow, whether it’s proving expertise on online marketing, social media strategy or various consultancy works in all aspects of business. It’s such an honour to be working closely with a number of Canterbury’s premier large scale operations in a number of sectors. Working and collaborating with local agencies and business across all sectors has provided a unique array of skill sets and experiences. 

Outside of the business and weather I’m passionate about keeping fit and healthy and have played a range of sports.  I’m not stuck in front of the computer you’ll find me out in the mountains climbing or trail running. I’m also a qualified Physical & Outdoor Education teacher at secondary school level and Personal Trainer.

Marketing & Sales


CWU Marketing and Sales - Catherine

Catherine brings extensive experience in running online businesses, marketing and running events. Catherine looks after some of our social media and marketing for Canterbury Weather Updates.

If you’re interested in advertising on our platforms? Featuring on our What’s On Canterbury? segment or being part of our membership benefits programme – get in touch with Catherine today, via our contact section.

Weather Analyst 


Weather Analyst - Leighton

Leighton brings a wealth of experience, having worked as a professional weather forecaster for several years. Having lived in Canterbury his whole life his local knowledge of the Canterbury region is extensive.

His attention to detail and passion for weather here in the Canterbury region makes Leighton a welcome addition to the CWU Team.

Lead Designer


CWU Lead Designer - Max

My early years were spent in the motherland of England, then a move to the comforts of New Zealand for the large majority of my upbringing. The consistent good weather and a peaceful lifestyle paid off. All the good stuff; Lego, swimming, music, art, family trips around the country, good food, drawing, a habit of keeping packaging, art, James Bond, guitar, and various other hobbies.

The design field and other creative outlets came to life during time at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology). Coming out at the end of 2014 with a Bachelor Degree in Design (Visual Communication).

Speed up to the present day, and we have the Monark Design Co. Setting up a range of services like graphic design, logo, branding, print, retouching, advertising, signage, illustration, and web. 

It’s been great working with CWU team over the last few months and producing an array of social media graphics and website designs ready for development. We’ve been working directly together during this creative process, bouncing ideas & visions off each other. 

Stay tuned for more graphics and developments.

Accommodation & Tourism photographer & videographer

Lilia Alexander

Accommodation + Tourism photographer + videographer

Lilia has a specialty in capturing accommodation in a light that pops on social media. She is a seasoned creator having worked with several airlines, hotel chains, Airbnb and regional tourism organisations.

Previously she founded and ran the largest social media based media company for Wellington before exiting in 2021. We are excited to have Lilia on board to capture and help us showcase the beauty of the Canterbury region.

We are offering packages to capture local accommodation spots as well as advertising across CWU channels.