Canterbury Weather Updates is the only professional forecasting agency in New Zealand, with a sole focus on one region. Our eyes are fixed on the Canterbury region, meaning we’re able to provide the most detailed, comprehensive coverage of weather here in Canterbury.

We’re unique in the way we operate; we don’t purely use computer generated models and maps, but take into account real live current observations, local topography effects and reports throughout the region, meaning we get all the latest on what’s happening and crucially what’s about to happen.

We pride ourselves on the most detailed, accurate & most up to date forecasts for the people of Canterbury. We’re the only weather provider in New Zealand, which provides 7 day forecasts, with no computer generated content; all our forecasts are moderated & hand crafted, meaning high accuracy & detail.

We cover it all – Warnings, Watches, Outlooks, Alpine Roads, 23 towns across the region & 7 day hand crafted forecasts, Mountain forecasts, a comprehensive review & preview of weather here in Canterbury in ‘The Round Up’ issued every Sunday evening.  Our new feature is now the most comprehensive  preview of long range weather in the Canterbury region, issued every month in the ‘Monthly Outlook’. Monthly outlooks are paramount in many sectors, such as agriculture, horticulture, transport, ski & energy sector.  At a personal level, planning holidays, events or even just sporting trips. Knowledge is power and when it comes to long range weather, or tips & advice, we will provide you with practical suggestions on an operational level.

The ability to ask and receive your own personalised weather forecasts & advice in our unique Q/A forum & our exclusive Bivouac Outdoor Text alerts, the first of it’s kind in New Zealand.

When it comes to weather in Canterbury, our information & forecasts won’t be beaten. We pride ourselves on the more personalised, detailed and informative forecasts for the Canterbury region.