Coast to Coast forecast 2024

Updated – 10:20am Thursday morning. 8th February.


High pressure holds firm on Friday, bringing settled weather across the South Island. On Saturday a fast moving front moves up the West Coast of the South Island, bringing strong nor-westerlies about the Canterbury High Country and afternoon and evening rain about the Main Divide.

A colder south/south-westerly change then moves north on Saturday evening, bringing widespread rain across the region and lowering snow levels at night to around 1300m.

Overall statement

Fantastic timing, with near perfect weather on Friday. Strong nor-westerlies do feature on Saturday about higher and exposed sections, but it will remain dry for athletes on both sides of the Main Divide on current analysis. Athletes look set to dodge the rain about the Main Divide and then arrive at the finish line, just before those colder southerlies and rain arrives.

FRIDAY – 2 day athletes and mountain runners.


Areas of cloud and sunny spells. Light nor-west winds.

Goats Pass

Areas of lower and middle level cloud possible about the valleys, then breaking away and becoming fine from 9-10am. Light nor-westerlies, generally building through the afternoon.

Klondyke Corner

Sunny and warm, with nor-westerlies, possibly blustery in exposed areas during the afternoon.



Mostly cloudy, some fine spells. Moderate risk of a drizzle patch or light shower. Nor-westerlies.

Goats Pass

Fine spells through the morning. Cloud gradually increasing, with showers possible around 1pm, steadier falls develop into the afternoon. Blustery to strong nor-westerlies (40-60km/hr.) Mild temperatures.

Klondyke Corner

Sunny skies, with high cloud. High cloud building into the afternoon, with showers possible from 3-4pm. Strong nor-westerlies (40-60km/hr.) Mild temperatures.

Canterbury Plains

Sunny skies, with variable high cloud. Nor-westerlies, blustery and occasionally strong, especially ab0ut the foothills (30-5okm/hr.) Warm temperatures. Southerly change arrives between 6pm and 8pm, with rain and colder conditions.

No further updates.