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We’re looking at a fantastic addition to our website, the Rain Radar imagery. When it comes to maps, data and imagery, the Rain Radar ‘tool’ tops the list for providing real time practical information. You the fans, have told us this would be a great asset and now we’re in the position to make it happen. (Only MetService currently have the rain radar on their website.) We would be the second only app/weather provider to have this fantastic new addition.

Our town forecast pages provide the most detailed and comprehensive weather coverage for towns in the Canterbury region.  Town forecasts include ‘moderated’ rainfall chances, estimated rainfall totals & estimated time of front arrival. Many of our towns have near live data and webcams providing that extra clarity on current weather. This is unique to Canterbury Weather Updates on mobile devices.

WHY ADVERTISE & SPONSOR OUR RAIN RADAR IMAGE?   Canterbury Weather Updates is one of the most popular websites in New Zealand despite catering for just one region.  In the last year over 250 000 visitors engaged on our content online, with over 1.5 million page impressions. Website advertising is a powerful and engaging tool for reaching your market.

Knowing the weather forecast helps people plan their day, meaning CWU attracts a large and varied visitor base. Businesses and people from all sectors in Canterbury are using our highly detailed, accurate weather forecasts & content daily.

The biggest users of are aged between 35-44. CWU visitors are high income earning and are highly educated.  55.2%  female,  44.8% male.

For more specific information, feel free to email or call during business hours. Please see example below.

(Data Source: Google Analytics, June 2018)

ADVERTISING ON THE RAIN RADAR: The Rain Radar imagery will be used on every town forecast page, additionally on our homepage providing maximal exposure. Additionally the rain radar image will also be used on Facebook reaching hundreds of thousands of people each week. When it comes to reaching the people of Canterbury online there is no larger forum. CWU highly engaging social media campaign and website traffic combined will push your brand and name in fronts of hundreds of thousands of people each week.  Our rates are highly competitive, in fact they won’t be beaten. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

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