We’re now moving into our hottest period of summer, with the next 7 days looking seriously warm across the entire region. Most towns and areas will receive a heat wave (where the daily maximum temperature exceeds the average maximum temperature by five degrees or more for five consecutive days.)

Parts of Inland Canterbury, especially in the Mackenzie Country will push into the mid-thirties tomorrow (Friday) and by Saturday heat will be widespread ‘touching down’ in Christchurch City, with 32-33 degrees possible, before a weak southerly change.

Heat and very dry conditions will be widespread across Canterbury during early and middle stages of next week under a large and stable ridge of high pressure, which will set up anchor east of New Zealand.

What will make this period of weather unusually warm is this ‘pool’ of air will come almost directly from Northern Australia; add in minimal high cloud cover and a light foehn (nor-west) wind and you have the perfect ‘recipe’ for our hottest days here in Canterbury. 

•Keep up to date with our town forecasts for specific details and temperatures – all towns will be refined & adjusted through the day.


We do end the month on a slightly more ‘active’ note. Nor-west patterns will become more dominant over the next 4-6 days, increasing rain potential about the Main Divide & Canterbury Headwaters. While rain possibilities increase about the Main Divide, for eastern areas it’s set to be even drier and significantly warmer.

We do have a couple of weak southerly changes over the next few days, but showers are likely to be isolated, brief and ineffective.

Later next week a colder southerly may bring more hope, with an increase in rain potential and perhaps even some snow about the ranges! A crazy end to January. Our fingers are crossed for some much needed rain.

Despite some brief respite towards the end of the month; drought conditions are now looking increasingly likely as we move into February.


All fires are prohibited in Canterbury from midnight Friday 24 Jan 2020.

This prohibited fire season is in place for land in the Hurunui, Waimakariri and Selwyn Districts plus Christchurch City (including Banks Peninsula).

No fires are permitted unless it is an approved fire type (for cooking purposes).


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Photo – archive, 2016. Hawarden. Credit: Tony Benny.

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