Weather Consulting in Canterbury – that little extra.

Not only do we provide thousands of CWU members with highly intensive, detailed and accurate weather forecasts daily, but we’re also providing consulting services for businesses, events and operations across Canterbury, requiring incredible levels of detail, intensity, accuracy and ultimately value.

For those people and operations requiring that little extra with our membership, or perhaps it’s to supplement MetService or your basic weather app on your phone.

Who do we work with at a consulting level?

•Media across all platforms – we have worked with 1 news, Newshub and multiple radio (national and local stations) as well as smaller local papers and media agencies across the Canterbury region.

•Events, from concerts at Hagley Park, to multi sport events, adventure races, from the Coast to Coast to smaller events across the Canterbury region, from Waimate in the south, to Kaikoura in the north.

•Some of Canterbury’s largest operations in all sectors, from construction to tourism.

•Farmers across the Canterbury Plains and some of Canterbury largest and iconic high country stations

•All weather sensitive industries, from vineyards, growers and local ski fields to name a few.

Consulting benefits.

•Site specific forecasts, we provide solutions for your unique part of Canterbury.

•Tailored forecasts, catering for your specific requirements – with specific information; whether it’s rainfall totals, snow accumulations/levels, frosts, hail risk or wind. We cover it all.

•Guidance & communication can be provided through texts, emails and phone calls – we’re at your finger tips.

•Superior detail and guidance provides extra clarity and confidence to make informed decisions, mitigating risks and optimising your business operation.


•We have exclusive access to all the most powerful & accurate weather models and data; from all the high-resolution maps and models from Europe and the US – most sources from private commercial operators in the US.

•We’re unique in the way we operate, tapping into live data, webcams and have established reporters across Canterbury providing up to date on going coverage as weather develops. If it’s happening or about to happen, you’ll be the first to know. Our focus is purely the Canterbury region.

•In short, it’s what we do. We’ve been operating at unmatched levels of intensity in the Canterbury region at a professional capacity for over 7 years.


•Totally dependent on your requirements and level of intensity. Cost isn’t a barrier, it’s all about providing a level of service that is viable and sustainable.

The perfect addition and supplement to our weather membership.  Get in touch today for more information