FEATURE – Mt Lyford Holiday Homes (Eco Lodges)

Driving from Kaikoura, it was about 90 minutes of scenic travel as I inched closer to what would be my most relaxing, mountain eco-retreat yet. 

Mt Lyford is a mountain with a small ski field, popular with locals and those in the know. Whilst I wasn’t visiting to ski, the sight of snow sure was tempting (I’ll have to come back next year). But winter isn’t the only season for the mountain – the lure of summer nature out here is incredible, and being able to spend a few nights at the foot of the mountain, is sure to rejuvenate you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The building features 2 accommodations – one is the Kowhai Eco Lodge (where I stayed) and adjacent is the Kanuka Eco Lodge. The property features a playground, a tennis court, plus a separate sauna, and additional accommodation, the Harakeke huts are a short walk away.


Stepping inside the Kowhai Eco Lodge, you instantly feel the warmth of the home, created by the innovative design when the building was first made. Due to the unique concrete structure of the building, it warms up quick, and holds the warmth so well. I only needed the fire on for a few minutes before the house was ready for the night! Having 3 bedrooms upstairs makes this the perfect spot for families, or groups of friends.


Playground jungle gym

One of my favourite parts was the private outdoor hot tub – it is larger than the typical outdoor hot tubs and uniquely designed to have a fireplace feeder from the side (rather than the top). Setting up the hot tub is additional to the accommodation fee, but absolutely worth it.

The downstairs kitchen is full size, with all the appliances you may need to make your own meals. The lounge is large and spacious, with a small TV, however you wouldn’t be looking to use that here! The living room doors open wide onto the outdoor area, with views directly to the snow capped mountain above. 

If you’re looking for a relaxing nature escape not too far away, then the Kowhai Eco Lodge at Mt Lyford is the spot for you. There are endless adventures to be had in the area, and it’s the ideal spot to connect with the outdoors, or just sit back and watch the clouds roll on by with views of the mountains. 






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