Canterbury Weather Updates is a well-established household name here in Canterbury, with over 86 000 followers on social media, making it the second most followed social media weather page in New Zealand; behind the Government and national weather forecaster MetService. 

In addition to social media our website has attracted over 240 000 unique visitors this year alone; making it one of New Zealand’s busiest and most sourced websites despite catering for just one region.

 Our online membership now serves some of Canterbury largest ‘operations’ in all sectors.

Thousands of Cantabs are now enjoying and benefiting from the most detailed, intensive & comprehensive weather coverage for Canterbury making it one of New Zealand’s most popular online subscription services.

 Often, we get asked, ‘’So I guess you have a lot of farmers as members?” 

Yes, but it’s not just farmers, it really is everyone. In fact, it’s one of the most interesting aspects of our job – looking at all the different members in all walks of life and sectors. 

Canterbury loves weather and it appears everyone is galvanised, passionate and loves to be up to date with all the latest information and photos.

 We’ve put together a quick list to give you a wee glimpse into some of the wide and varied businesses & operations which are now online subscribers. It really is fantastic to have all this support; remember we receive no funding like MetService or Niwa.

* Schools across the region, from little high-country schools to some of the larger secondary schools.

* Media – Our information is sourced by all media outlets, from the Press on a regular basis to a national level; we provide tips, advice and on-going coverage for 1 News crews chasing that news story.

* Farmers. We have thousands of local farmers across the region, from Kaikoura in the north to Waimate in the south. We also provide more personalised weather content for some of Canterbury largest farming operations and high-country stations.

* Event organisers. We provide forecasts for some of Canterbury largest events. 

* Wine industry

* Tramping clubs.

* Tourism operations across the region.

* Construction businesses.

* Ski fields and operations during winter.

* Popular radio stations. Information and formal interviews.

* Local councils.

* Growers – small & large operations across Canterbury.

* Not just large operations and businesses, but small business owners who are weather dependant.

* Passionate weather fans – yes, we have thousands of keen weather fans after a little more detail and content.

* Photographers.

* Transport operators.