Canterbury Weather Updates is a household name in Canterbury, with over 460 000 unique visitors (1.5 million) tuning into  in the last year and over 79 000 followers on Facebook, we’re New Zealand’s second most sourced weather provider, despite just catering for one region. Our online membership is now one of the most popular subscription services in New Zealand, with thousands of local people sourcing our highly intensive, accurate and detailed weather information. We pride ourselves on innovation and continue to lead the way, with new and exciting ways of presenting weather content for the people of Canterbury. Our services are utilised by many of Canterbury’s premier businesses and companies in all sectors seeking highly intensive and accurate weather content.

**We have two positions available, for highly motivated, talented & passionate people**

1. CWU WEATHER REPORTER: You’ll be in the thick of it, covering significant weather, or weather of interest, through photos, video and potentially live commentary. If it’s happening, we need a presence and you’ll be the one! You’ll have access to our social media platforms and website & play a major front role in our large public arena.

Job Requirements/Insight into the job

– Extensive knowledge of social media (Primarily Facebook)

– Experience with social media & large forums.

– Excellent grammar, writing skills & communication.

– Ability to function and get the job done in all environments.

– Team skills, ability to work closely with our team of Weather Analysts. We will be pointing you in the right direction.

– There is the possibility of up skilling and joining our Weather Analysts – or carrying out similar duties.

– Flexible. This job is largely weather dependant. You’ll need to be flexible with your current main job to some extent. We’re adaptable and make things work, we’re looking for the same.

– A reliable cell phone and vehicle is a necessity.

– Experience in website development and design would be valuable, but not essential.

– Innovative, hardworking, professional and passionate on the job!

– Skill sets and experiences in weather; ski industry, farming, rural background?? This is a point of difference in our competitors.

A great opportunity for someone that is passionate, knowledgeable and who is looking to learn new skills in one of the biggest forums in New Zealand. Attractive hourly rate and we’ll cover your petrol costs. Other CWU perks included. There is significant potential for growth and we’re looking for someone to add their own unique skills, time and energy.

2. CWU BACK UP WEATHER ANALYST: You’ll be overlooking our forecasts & content on request. You’ll be working on our social media & website, updating and generating forecasts & information. Full training will be given to the right applicant. You’ll be in contact with our analysts most days, ensuring our content is of high standard & highly accurate. There is the possibility of weekend shifts and extra work during more extreme, demanding weather. Extensive knowledge of weather here in Canterbury is a necessity. This job would suit someone with a meteorological background, or with a similar degree in geography and climate science; in saying that, some of the most talented, skilled and passionate people in their field aren’t necessarily qualified in that field; if you think you’ve got the ‘goods’ don’t hesitate to send in your application.

Job Requirements/Insight into the job

– Excellent grammar and writing skills.

– Looking over content, collaborating & updating will be the main duties.

– Flexible – you’ll be working alongside our analysts in ensuring content is accurate, up to date.

– Experience in Word Press would be an advantage, but not necessary. Full training provided.

– Experience in media, technology would be an advantage.

– Innovative, passionate, hardworking and taking pride in their work.

– Opportunities are endless, if you’re an ideas person and love weather and want to be involved; this is for you.

– Hours of work are dependent on weather and are flexible. The ability to work & function between 5:30am-7am is a must.

– Skill sets and experiences associated with weather desirable; ski industry, farming, rural background?? Experiencing weather is highly desirable and a point of difference with our competitors.

A great opportunity for someone that is passionate, knowledgeable and who is looking to learn new skills in one of the biggest forums in New Zealand. Attractive hourly rate, other CWU perks included.

Please email: with a Cover letter & C.V

Applications close on the 31st of January.

Owner & Director: Russell Voice