Earlier model predictions of a fine long weekend are now starting to change with more model consistency pointing to a rather cloudy, cool and wet period of weather during later stages of Saturday into Sunday.

While rainfall totals don’t look overly ominous the weekend does have a rather stagnant look, meaning there isn’t a lot of movement late Saturday into Sunday – meaning holiday markers and travelers should prepare for a rather gloomy and cool looking Sunday.

In the meantime, Friday and Monday look the brighter days with Friday looking milder with more a nor-west foehn effect, while temperatures may take some time to warm up on Monday after a cooler period of cloud, southerlies and showers on Sunday.

We may even see snow lower to around 1300m briefly about the higher ranges late Saturday into Sunday.

While confidence is now increasing just a few days out we may see this low fizzle and weaken as we progress through the week. Overall not quite as promising as earlier forecasts but there should be lots of quality sun on Friday & Monday.

Keep up to date with our town pages for specific details and ‘Live Weather Feed’ for all the latest information.

Quick Fire Summary.

-Friday and Monday the brighter days; Friday very mild 18+ degrees.

-Cooler late Saturday and Sunday – more cloud, shower and higher level snow risk.

-Heavier falls about the Main Divide & Canterbury Headwaters on Saturday.

-There is still some doubt on Sunday – this isn’t a typical low and may frizzle as we progress through the working week.


Friday – mostly fine and mild ( nor-west flow.)

Sunday – a little more complex with a cooler SW airflow and showers. Clearing in the Tasman for a bright Monday.


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