Oxford Odyssey – Game Day forecast.

Updated at 4:35am Saturday morning  17/04/2021

Mt Oxford Odyssey 2021 forecast.


Our southerly has ‘played’ out as forecast and will quickly ease from the south early this morning. Rain, falling as snow to around 1200-1300m will quickly ease on the mountain, for a brighter and settled mid to late morning and afternoon.



More sustained rain and showers before 7am, quickly easing back, with the last of the showers around 9am, maybe 10am at a push. Chance of light snow and sleet about the summit early on, with 1-3cm possibly accumulating around 1300m. Rainfall totals on the mountain  – an additional 4-7mm possible between 4:30am and 9am.

Sunny spells more frequent from around 10-11am, a brighter afternoon.


Single digit temperatures on race starts at Coopers Creek  (4-6 degrees). Temperatures climbing to around 11-12 degrees by midday at base level – Coopers Creek. Temperatures around 1-2 degrees about the summit before 11am, rising during the afternoon. Freezing level: 1400m early on, rising to 1800m by midday and 2400m by late afternoon, as the wind-flow switches to the nor-west.


South-westerly flow, generally light, possibly fresh about the tops early on. Turning light nor-west from late morning/midday about the tops.


It is currently raining at 4:40am as forecast, but the heavier rain and showers will quickly moving north, easing and clearing through the morning. Snow or sleety falls are likely about the tops before 7am.

Wrap up warm! Keep moving and enjoy a great day out!

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