Washing day forecast index

Hanging washing on the line may not be the most life-dependent use of Canterbury Weather Updates’ forecasts when compared to transport, farming, or tramping in the mountains, but when it comes to the ‘numbers’ it’s a decision more people must make every day.

Our washing day forecast provides a scale 1-10, to simplify the decision-making process each morning.

10 – excellent

•5 – average

•1 – poor

Science behind the index. Our washing day forecast guide is issued each morning before 8am, for the hours between 8am to 4pm. Each washing day forecast considers multiple variables during the time period – including chances of rain, relative humidity, sunshine hours, wind, temperature and current weather in and around your town that may impact weather in the area during this time period.

Please note – the rating may occasionally change through the day, as our weather develops and evolves.

Catch our washing day forecast daily on your town forecast page.



•Graphic above – mobile location of the washing day forecast tab.

•Graphic above – washing day forecast.