We’re extremely excited about our new addition to our membership. New Zealand’s first ever highly intensive weather ‘feed’, specially designed for the Canterbury region.

You’ll never get caught out again – if it’s happening, it’s covered in detail – if it’s about to happen you’ll be the first to know. In many ways this will replicate the very successful Facebook News Feed, but with some key features and adaptions to ensure our service is highly professional, informative and engaging for you, the Canterbury public.

What’s paramount is there are no barriers in ‘reach’, nor restrictions with complex algorithms – meaning our content can be seen by tens of thousands of people with no scrolling and lost content.

This is the first dynamic weather news feed of its kind in New Zealand as we continue to push the current boundaries in weather presentation & coverage. If you’re after total coverage, detail for your weather dependent business, or just that total weather fan you will love our new addition.



* Live updates and breaking developments during severe weather. Internal & external links to official sources. Operating 365 days a year – rain or shine.


*Real time updates. Interesting and highly specialised content.


*Photos & reports from across the region.


*Current observations through the day.


*Tracking of fronts. Spill over rain possibilities. Cold southerly fronts – we cover it all.


*Rainfall totals & snow accumulations & levels.


*Ski field information. Summary content, including snow accumulations.


*Breaking news – developments


*No restrictions to access and audience. Once you’re a member you’ll have direct access to our weather ‘feed’; there are no complex algorithms


*A must for local councils, schools, clubs, business that are dependent on weather and of course passionate weather fans seeking unmatched content & coverage for the Canterbury region.


*Ideally located on the homepage. This new feature will also be on town pages by the end of next week as we make further developments to our homepage.


If you’re dependant on weather, love to keep up to date with what’s happening and crucially what’s about to happen you’ll love our new feature. You’ll find yourself glued to the screen, especially during more severe weather as we provide you that little extra.


IMPORTANT: Because this is a new addition you will need to CRTL F5 or refresh your screen on windows to get the new feature – then you’ll be away! On other devices a hard refresh is required to.

Become a member and gain full access in just 2-3 minutes.

CWU Team