WHAT’S CHANGING?  As of today, the 28th of June large elements of our website will be exclusive to CWU members. The homepage, with the situation will still be accessible to the public, as will the current day forecast, for 23 towns across the region. (This current day forecast is freely accessible, to highlight the difference in quality & information to that of other weather services.)

The changes are vital in our longevity and growth. What’s paramount for CWU, is to provide this service without cost being a barrier. With our ‘Basic’ membership, (less than a coffee a month!) this objective has been met.

(See our Membership Levels page, for all the benefits of our Basic, Gold & Premium membership.)

WHY THE CHANGES?  Quite simply we want to continue to provide our weather service for the people of Canterbury. Not only do we want to continue, we want to enhance & improve our services. Despite our service being utilised by hundreds of thousands of people each year, we don’t receive any form of funding, or support, like MetService, that is funded by you & I. The developments, maintenance & significant time required to run a fully professional weather service requires us to tweak our business model. The changes are a win; win for all involved, we can now function at the highest level of intensity, providing you unmatched weather forecasts & information for the Canterbury region. Currently Leighton & I are paying to provide this fantastic service,  this isn’t a viable long term solution.

WHY BECOME A MEMBER? Quite simply our content & forecasts won’t be beaten for accuracy, detail & coverage. We believe the future of weather forecasting isn’t in computer generated content, we moderate, tailor & personalise all our forecasts, providing you with the best information & forecasts for the Canterbury region. We challenge you to find better, not just in New Zealand, but anywhere in the world! In saying that, for many of you MetService will provide a service that meets your needs & requirements. Your support means we can function at the highest level and continue to improve our service & presentation.

We’ve simplified the whole process, providing easy recurring monthly payments. There is no commitment needed, cancel anytime & sign back up – the choice is yours. It’s fast, secure, affordable, & the service…well it won’t be beaten. Jump on board by the end of July and your even receive a free 2018 CWU Calendar T & C apply, in addition we have 4 family pool passes for the Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort & Spa to give away.

WHY THE 3 LEVELS OF MEMBERSHIP? Everyone has different needs; our 3 levels of membership (Basic, Gold & Premium) cater for everyone, from the passionate weather fan to the business dependant on up-to-date information and total coverage. Our ‘Gold’ & ‘Premium’ service not only allow unmatched detailed coverage for 23 towns across the region, but also the exclusive ability to ask & receive personal weather advice & forecasting. For those that want the best of the best, our Premium Service offers text alerts straight to your phone & total access to our webpage & service. (See our Membership Levels page, for all the benefits)

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? The most professional weather service here in New Zealand. Our forecasts won’t be beaten for detail & coverage.  In fact, we challenge you to find better coverage anywhere. 23 towns across the region, each with their own forecast, with arrival of ‘fronts’, rain % chances for 7 days and rainfall totals. We cover warnings, mountain & alpine road forecasts; the Canterbury region will be the most covered region in New Zealand. Towns will be up to date & changed accordingly to current weather & incoming weather. Our eyes are fixed on the Canterbury region, meaning you’ll hear it first through CWU.

CURRENT MEMBER? Nothing changes, you have full access; you’ll just need to login, like new members.

WHAT HAPPENS TO SOCIAL MEDIA? We’ll continue to operate our Facebook page daily, this is crucial for engagement and interest, provides a fantastic community feel & is unique to Canterbury Weather Updates. In many ways, Facebook provides an easy & interactive avenue for people to discuss weather & engage in our content. We‘ll continue to post live videos, photos, interesting facts & of course weather forecasts, with links to our webpage. CWU will continue to be the number one on social media, with a full professional service, not just when the weather ‘sparks’ into life, with snow on the way. We’ll be with you day in, day out, 365 days a year providing covering weather here in the Canterbury region

We’ve had great numbers joining over the last 24 hours, the support has been amazing!We thank you for all your support and we look forward to providing this new service for not just the people of Canterbury, but New Zealand.

Many Thanks,

Russell & Leighton