Our weather warnings, watches & outlooks are back up and running, providing you all those extra details & information to make the right decisions.

We had significant interest last year, with hundreds of thousands of people reading & engaging in our warnings & extreme weather information.

Quite simply, our service and intensity is paramount for the people of Canterbury. Our eyes are fixed on the Canterbury region; we’re able to provide more intensive coverage of weather here in Canterbury. Our content is more precise, detailed, accurate & intensive.  Weather constantly changes and we’re able to moderate, adapt and change our content according to any developing situation. This provides us with a distinct advantage over MetService and the public an alternative source for warnings here in the Canterbury region.

FOR OUR PREMIUM MEMBERS: You have the ability to ask questions and receive extra details, specifics for your area of concern. The ability to ask questions and receive personalised weather advice/forecasts takes professional weather forecasting in New Zealand to another level. The extra confidence and clarity this provides is paramount for many of our users.

BIVOUAC OUTDOOR TEXT ALERTS: Our text alert members will receive the first notification & ‘heads up’ on any severe weather. You’ll hear it first, with the Bivouac Text Alerts. A quick summary and notification will be backed up with more information & details on our website.


ROAD SNOW ALERT:  Covers our main alpine passes. Burkes Pass, Arthur’s Pass, Lewis Pass, Porters Pass & the Inland Rd between Waiau & Kaikoura.

EXTREME WEATHER ALERT: Our equivalent of the MetService warnings. Wind, rain, snow- if we have extreme weather on the horizon, our warnings will be issued.

EXTREME WEATHER LOOKOUT: Any severe weather in the next 7 days will be covered in our Extreme Weather Lookout. This could be updated and changed to an ‘Extreme Weather Alert’ at any stage.

EXTREME WEATHER WATCH: Any weather that demands respect, we’ll issue a ‘Watch’. This could be upgraded to an ‘Extreme Weather Alert’ at any stage.

-CWU Team