Check it out – Our brand new Port Hills weather forecast designed for the Christchurch Adventure Park

We’re extremely excited about forecasting for the Christchurch Adventure Park. This will be the most detailed, accurate forecast for specifically designed for the Port Hills & our friends at CAP. We hope to include all those little differences & ‘curve balls’ which the Port Hills can provide at a forecasting capacity!

If you’re a keen trail runner, walker, and cyclist and of course if you’re hitting the CAP for the day, be sure to check it all out. From lifts open, specials and of course the all-important weather. This is the page to visit –

**If your business or venture would like specific forecasts, get in touch; we can display these on your webpage, or at a more operation level; adding value and ‘traffic’ to your webpage. We forecast for countless business across the region, from ski fields, tourism operators, sports teams, events – if you’re after that extra confidence and clarity our content is unmatched for
Canterbury. More on our services @

Email: [email protected]

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