Canterbury’s love & need for accurate/intensive weather reflected in the statistics.

A slightly different post but interesting none the less. We’ve put together some numbers which you may find interesting.

Fascinating on many levels and highlighting the importance of a professional focus at a regional level here in New Zealand.

• 245 000 unique visitors in 2018 . One of New Zealand’s busiest websites, despite catering for just one region – we’re crazy about weather.

• 1.5 million sessions.

• 1.32min average session duration. 

• Largest users by country. New Zealand, Australia, USA, United Kingdom.

• There are only a handful of countries around the world where Canterbury Weather Updates hasn’t been sourced online; possibly one of the most interesting and staggering facts if you think about it. Highlighting how technology has changed the way we engage and access weather information. It’s now very accessible around the world. It also highlights how members and the general public of Canterbury are well travelled and engaged in what’s happening while overseas, perhaps while waiting at international airports and the like!

• Most used browser to operate our website – Google Chrome 34%

• Devices – 65 % mobile, this highlights how important mobile responsive websites are. Our website can now be saved as an app and is just as functional as any app available on the market. 25% desktop and 10% tablet are the other devices.

• Samsung is still playing catch up – Apple iPhone is leading the way, with a steady increase in the last 6 months of the Samsung S8.

• Top 5 most sourced towns online. Christchurch, Rangiora, Ashburton, Timaru, Methven.

• Almost 87 000 Facebook followers. More than the well-established ‘The Press’. Second to MetService in terms of a professionally run ‘operation’, with the nearest competitor an Auckland based weather company called Weather Watch on 34 000; Niwa Weather on 12 000 followers. Number 1 sourced weather provider on all formats without Government funding.

• Thousands of online members/subscribers making it one of New Zealand’s most popular online membership subscriptions.

We have new added resources (maps, data, ‘models’) in the pipeline for 2019.

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Data Source: Google Analytics

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