St James Range

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Hi Russ,

A group of us are planning a run looping from Maling Pass to Fowler Pass along the St James range this weekend, camping out at Tennyson for our base camp. Is the wind likely to be strong along the tops and also at Tennyson from Friday evening through to Sunday morning? Or not going to be too bad?


Russell Voice Answered question 16th January


Hi! Hmm. Yikes. I know the area well and love running in there. It’s all nor-west for sure.

So, Friday it will be strong nor-westerlies, generally picking up through the day; I would say 40-70km/hr by evening at around 1000m (Tennyson) and really like that through most of Saturday – looks strong nor-west…not severe, but really 40-60km/hr and pretty sustained in there, easing back Saturday night.

We may also see nor-west spill over rain that far in – near Tennyson especially; nothing significant, but some showers and rain possible Friday night and through until early afternoon on Saturday.

It depends how keen you are! It may be better option about more eastern areas. It’s possible to do it for sure…but the nor-west winds in there can be unpleasant.

Hope that helps.


Ashman6 Posted new comment 16th January

Hi Russ,

Thanks for the info and knowledge, I figured you know that area well!
We might start looking at some back up options further east and keep an eye on the forecast closer to the weekend. Is it due to ease off Saturday night and into Sunday?


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