Issued at 27th June at 5:10 am by Russell Voice

Extreme Weather Outlook – Updated 5:10am  Tuesday morning  27/06/2017

Possibility of heavy rain & snow for higher elevations on Saturday & Sunday

On Saturday a ‘Low Pressure’ will move down over central parts of the South Island and ‘feed’ in a period of widespread & persistent rain from Otago up to the Kaikoura Coast.

This could be a more prolonged period of rain and totals may exceed 60mm in total over a 48 hours period, in addition rain is likely to fall as snow about the ranges above 1100m, with heavy falls possible for our local Ski Areas. This could make for a wet & cold weekend, but on a positive this might be the real ‘Kick start’ our local Ski Fields need.

We’re still a number of days out and in many ways this is very similar set-up to last weeks system which failed to fire any real shots, highlighting the complex nature of moist ‘Lows’ heading down into our cooler waters.

Currently South & Mid Canterbury look likely to see the heavier, more persistent falls. High cloud will thicken during Saturday morning & by afternoon, rain will start to set in across the region.

We’ll continue to monitor this over the course of the week and may upgrade our ‘Outlook’ to a ‘Watch’ or ‘Warning’ by Friday.

CWU ‘Outlook’ will be updated around 4pm – Tuesday afternoon.

Weather Analyst: Russell Voice