Issued at 26th June at 7:37 pm by Leighton Thomas

Mostly cloud, the odd shower about until early afternoon. Northerlies for a time, then dying out

High: 6°C
Low: -3°C
Chance of any rain: 60%

Wednesday 28 June
Mainly fine with a few cloudy periods, morning and evening frosts with settled weather under a ridge of high pressure
High: 6°C
Low: -3°C
Chance of any rain: 20%
Thursday 29 June
Mostly fine and settled weather with light winds under high pressure. Just a few cloudy periods
High: 6°C
Low: -2°C
Chance of any rain: 20%
Friday 30 June
Scattered rain, heavier at night. Strong northerlies building through the day, may gust gale in the evening
High: 7°C
Low: 3°C
Chance of any rain: 70%
Saturday 01 July
Rain, heavier later with easterlies tending southeast later in the day. Snow to 1100m. Rainfall expected: 30-50mm
High: 6°C
Low: 2°C
Chance of any rain: 90%
Sunday 02 July
Rain, heavy early on, easing to become more occasional. Snow to 1000m. Rainfall expected: 10-20mm
High: 5°C
Low: 1°C
Chance of any rain: 80%
Monday 03 July
no weather type selected
High: °C
Low: °C